I’ve been on the internet since 1987, which places me in the early generation of people being idiots online. Every mistake it’s possible to make, I’ve made. Blogging is one of those mistakes, and it’s one I have repeated since back when they were called “web journals”.

I decided to start blogging again during an interlude between jobs. I’d like to write about what I learned through my last decade-plus of work in a changed Silicon Valley, in a startup scene that’s quite different from the scene I entered in the early 90s. The technical problems have changed in the cloud era, which is fairly easy to observe, and many people have written about this.

I’d like to try writing about the human factors that you need to consider when approaching technical problems. After thirty years in this profession, I seem to have accidentally learned some things, mostly through making mistakes. Maybe I can help you avoid those mistakes!

Anyway, here’s another blog.


This internet thing seems to have taken off.

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By C J Silverio, 2022-05-07