Against dogmatism, 29 May 2022

Dogmatism is an enemy because it makes bad decisions.

One year for a one-line fix, 24 May 2022

Why it took me a year to arrive at a one-line fix for a massive performance problem, and how I hope to shorten that time should I encounter a similar situation again.

Legacy you hate, 24 May 2022

What to do with a legacy monolith implemented with a language and framework you don’t know and/or dislike.

Programming as Theory-Building, 12 May 2022

How reading “Programming as Theory-Building” changed my priorities as a technical leader and a programmer.

Dysfunction junction, 10 May 2022

The connection between technical dysfunction and organizational dysfunction, and why you have to deal with the organization first.

Problem statement, 8 May 2022

It’s good to start with a clear statement of the problem you’re trying to solve. Here’s the problem statement for this blog.


This internet thing seems to have taken off.